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ProximitySetup Class Reference

Setup for the collision checker. More...

#include <ProximitySetup.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 ProximitySetup ()
 Default constructor for when no excludes are described.
 ProximitySetup (const CollisionSetup &csetup)
 ProximitySetup (const std::vector< rw::proximity::ProximitySetupRule > &rules)
 Constructs ProximitySetup with list of exclusions. More...
void addProximitySetupRule (const rw::proximity::ProximitySetupRule &rule)
void removeProximitySetupRule (const rw::proximity::ProximitySetupRule &rule)
const std::vector< rw::proximity::ProximitySetupRule > & getProximitySetupRules () const
 Returns the exclude list. More...
void merge (const ProximitySetup &setup, const std::string &prefix)
 Combine setup of this and setup of b into this collision setup.
bool useExcludeStaticPairs () const
void setUseExcludeStaticPairs (bool exclude)
bool useIncludeAll () const
void setUseIncludeAll (bool includeAll)
void setLoadedFromFile (bool loaded_from_file)
bool getLoadedFromFile () const
void setFileName (const std::string &file_name)
std::string getFileName () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ProximitySetup get (const rw::models::WorkCell &wc)
static ProximitySetup get (rw::core::Ptr< rw::models::WorkCell > wc)
static ProximitySetup get (const rw::core::PropertyMap &map)
static void set (const ProximitySetup &setup, rw::core::Ptr< rw::models::WorkCell > wc)
static void set (const ProximitySetup &setup, rw::core::PropertyMap &map)

Detailed Description

Setup for the collision checker.

The ProximitySetup contains the rules about which frames should be checked against each other

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProximitySetup()

ProximitySetup ( const std::vector< rw::proximity::ProximitySetupRule > &  rules)

Constructs ProximitySetup with list of exclusions.

rulesdocumentation missing !

Member Function Documentation

◆ getProximitySetupRules()

const std::vector<rw::proximity::ProximitySetupRule>& getProximitySetupRules ( ) const

Returns the exclude list.

the exclude list

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