The main goal of RobWorkStudio is to implement functionality for visualizing a RobWork workcell and to implement a plugin infrastructure that enables easy installation of user functionality.

RobWorkStudio is simple and convenient front-end for visualizing RobWork Workcells and their operation.

Default Plugins

Plugins in RobWorkStudio define the functionality wether it be native plugins or user defined plugins.

jog Jog: Provides functionality for jogging around the robots in a workcell.

log Log: Displays the default log in RobWorkStudio

lua LUA & LUA Editor: Provides a simple editor for writing and executing lua scripts.

planning Planning: Enables the user call motion planners and plan paths.

playback Playback: This plugin enables recording and playback of TimedStatePaths.

propertyview PropertyView: The propertyview can be used to display and edit properties associated to frames in the workcell.

sensors Sensors: This plugin can display output from simulated camera and range scanners in the workcell.

treeview Treeview: Shows the frame structure of the workcell.

wceditor WorkCell Editor: Edit the XML definition of the WorkCell. The editor provides help to the user and makes it easier to set up a new WorkCell.

Extra Plugins

gtask Grasp Task

atask Assembly Task

User Plugins

Users can easily develop their own plugins for RobWorkStudio. See the GUI Plugins: RobWorkStudio page for more details about this subject.