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DrawableNode::RenderInfo Struct Reference

Information for rendering. More...

#include <DrawableNode.hpp>

Inherited by SceneGraph::SceneGraphRenderInfo.

Public Member Functions

 RenderInfo (unsigned int mask=DrawableNode::DrawableObject)
 Construct new rendering information. More...

Public Attributes

unsigned int _mask
 The DrawableTypeMask.
DrawType _drawType
 The DrawType.
 Pointer to the state.
bool _renderTransparent
 Render transparently.
bool _renderSolid
 Render as a solid.
bool _disableNormalRender
 Disabling rendering of normals.
rw::core::Ptr< SceneCamera_cam
 Rendering camera.
rw::math::Transform3D _wTm
 Transform World to model.

Detailed Description

Information for rendering.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RenderInfo()

RenderInfo ( unsigned int  mask = DrawableNode::DrawableObject)

Construct new rendering information.

mask[in] (optional) the draw type mask. Default is DrawableObject.

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