RobWorkProject  24.5.15-
RobWorkSim - Dynamic Simulation in RobWork


Tutorial 1 - a simulation loop

This tutorial demonstrate how a dynamic simulator can be constructed in c++ and how the user can control the simulator.

void main(char**
// Load dynamic
DynamicWorkCell::Ptr dwc = DynamicWorkCellLoader::load( testFilePath() + "/ur_control_test_scene/cup_pg70_table.dwc.xml");
SerialDeviceController::Ptr devctrl = dwc->findController<SerialDeviceController>("URController");
Device::Ptr ur = dwc->getWorkcell()->findDevice("UR-6-85-5-A");
ODESimulator::Ptr odesim = ownedPtr( new ODESimulator( dwc ) );
State state = dwc->getWorkcell()->getStateStructure()->getDefaultState();
FKTable table(state);
// test that the control interface works
Q target(6,0,-0.2,0,0,0,0);
devctrl->movePTP( target, 100);
for(int i=0; i<200; i++){
std::cout << i << ":";
odesim->step(0.01, state);
std::cout << ur->getQ(state) << std::endl;
Ptr< T > ownedPtr(T *ptr)
A Ptr that takes ownership over a raw pointer ptr.
Definition: core/Ptr.hpp:388