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geometry/Model3D.hpp File Reference
#include <rw/core/AnyPtr.hpp>
#include <rw/geometry/GeometryData.hpp>
#include <rw/geometry/IndexedPolygon.hpp>
#include <rw/geometry/IndexedTriangle.hpp>
#include <rw/geometry/Object3D.hpp>
#include <rw/geometry/TriMesh.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Transform3D.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Vector2D.hpp>
#include <vector>


class  Model3D
 a 3d model that has geometry but also material and color. he model can be composed of multiple objects that are connected in a hierarchical manner. The model is designed for efficient drawing and as such special structures are used to order the indexes such that efficient drawing is possible. More...
struct  Model3D::Material
 describes material properties. A material can be either simple or "advanced" and in both cases it can be textured. A simple material is described by a 4-tuple of RGBA values. The advanced material defines multiple properties: diffuse, ambient, emissive, specular, shininess and transparency More...
class  Model3D::Texture


 Deprecated namespace since 16/4-2020 for this class.
 Loading and storing of CAD models.
 Sensor interfaces.