RobWorkProject  24.5.15-
geometry Directory Reference



file  Box.hpp
file  Cone.hpp
file  ConvexHull2D.hpp
file  ConvexHull3D.hpp
file  ConvexHullND.hpp
file  Delaunay.hpp
 Utility functions for doing Delaunay triangulations.
file  GeometryData.hpp
file  HyperSphere.hpp
 A hyper-sphere of K dimensions.
file  IntersectUtil.hpp
 utility class for calculating intersection points between geometry primitives
file  geometry/Model3D.hpp
file  PlainTriMesh.hpp
file  Plane.hpp
 plane primitive represented in Hessian normal-form: a*nx+b*ny+c*nz+d=0
file  Polygon.hpp
 indexed polygon class that saves N indices to the N vertices of the polygon
file  PolygonUtil.hpp
 Utility functions for operations on polygons, such as convex partitioning.
file  QHull3D.hpp
file  QHullND.hpp
file  Sphere.hpp