RobWorkProject  24.5.15-
assembly Directory Reference


file  AssemblyControlResponse.hpp
 The output from a AssemblyControlStrategy.
file  AssemblyControlStrategy.hpp
 The interface for control strategies for assembly.
file  AssemblyParameterization.hpp
 Interface for a parameterization that can be used by a AssemblyControlStrategy.
file  AssemblyRegistry.hpp
 A registry of control strategies. The registry defines an extension point.
file  AssemblyResult.hpp
 A specification of the result from an execution of an AssemblyTask.
file  AssemblyState.hpp
 Information about the trajectory of the objects and sensor information during execution.
file  AssemblyTask.hpp
 Specification of a AssemblyTask.
file  CircularPiHControlStrategy.hpp
 A AssemblyControlStrategy that can be used specifically for cylindric peg in hole operations.
file  CircularPiHParameterization.hpp
 The parameterization used for the CircularPiHControlStrategy.
file  PiHParameterization.hpp
 Parameterization of a Peg in Hole action, used by the PiHStrategy.
file  PiHStrategy.hpp
 Control strategy for a Peg in Hole operation.
file  SpiralParameterization.hpp
 Parameterization of a strategy that searches for a hole using a spiral strategy.
file  SpiralStrategy.hpp
 Control strategy for a Peg in Hole operation using a spiral search.