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ContactPoint Class Reference

representation of a contact point More...

#include <ContactPoint.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 ContactPoint ()
 Construct empty contact point.
virtual ~ContactPoint ()

Public Attributes

bool isFirstContact
 true if first contact
double nImpulse
 normal impulse
double tImpulse
 tangential impulse
double dist
 distance between pA and pB
double bias
double penetrationA
 the penetration depth of A into B
double penetrationB
 the penetration depth of B into A
double nForce
 the normal force
double tForce
 the normal torque
double penetration
 the penetration of the contact point
rw::math::Vector3D p
 the contact position
rw::math::Vector3D n
 the contact normal
rw::math::Vector3D t
 the tangential unit velocity
rw::math::Vector3D pA
 position of contact point on core of A
rw::math::Vector3D pAInit
 position pA recorded on first contact
rw::math::Vector3D pB
 position of contact point on core of B
rw::math::Vector3D pBInit
 position pB recorded on first contact
rw::math::InertiaMatrix K
rw::math::InertiaMatrix KInv
void * userdata
 user specific data
double mu

Detailed Description

representation of a contact point

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