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SimulatorDebugRender Class Referenceabstract

Render for debugging dynamic simulators. More...

#include <SimulatorDebugRender.hpp>

Inherits Render.

Inherited by ODEDebugRender, RWDebugRender, and BtDebugRender.

Public Types

typedef rw::core::Ptr< SimulatorDebugRenderPtr
 Smart pointer type for SimulatorDebugRender.
- Public Types inherited from Render
typedef rw::core::Ptr< RenderPtr
 smart pointer type to this class
typedef DrawableNode::DrawType DrawType
 when calling render on the draw mode or type can be specified. See DrawableNode::DrawType

Public Member Functions

virtual void setDrawMask (unsigned int mask)=0
 Set the draw mask. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Render
virtual ~Render ()
virtual void draw (const DrawableNode::RenderInfo &info, DrawableNode::DrawType type, double alpha) const =0
 draws the object. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int DRAW_NOTHING = 0
 Draw mask for drawing nothing.
static const unsigned int DRAW_CONTACT_NORMAL = 1
 Draw mask for drawing contact normals.
static const unsigned int DRAW_FRICTION_CONE = 2
 Draw mask for drawing contact friction cones.
static const unsigned int DRAW_BODY_FORCES = 4
 Draw mask for drawing body forces.
static const unsigned int DRAW_COLLISION_GEOMETRY = 8
 Draw mask for drawing collision geometries.

Protected Member Functions

 SimulatorDebugRender ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Render
 Render ()
 Only instances of classes inheriting Render is allowed.

Detailed Description

Render for debugging dynamic simulators.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setDrawMask()

virtual void setDrawMask ( unsigned int  mask)
pure virtual

Set the draw mask.

mask[in] the draw mask.

Implemented in ODEDebugRender, BtDebugRender, and RWDebugRender.

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