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ProximityData Class Reference

Holds settings and cached data for collision detectors. More...

#include <ProximityData.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 ProximityData ()
 Default constructor. More...
void setCollisionQueryType (rw::proximity::CollisionDetector::QueryType qtype)
 Set the type of collision query. More...
rw::proximity::CollisionDetector::QueryType getCollisionQueryType () const
 Get the collision query type. More...

Public Attributes

rw::proximity::CollisionDetector::QueryResult _collisionData
 Detailed information about the collision. More...
rw::core::Ptr< ProximityCache_cache
 Cached data used by the collision detector to speed up consecutive queries.

Detailed Description

Holds settings and cached data for collision detectors.

The cache makes it possible for some algorithms to perform faster detections.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProximityData()

ProximityData ( )

Default constructor.

By default, the collision detector returns on first contact with no detailed information about the collision.

Use setCollisionQueryType to change this behaviour.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCollisionQueryType()

rw::proximity::CollisionDetector::QueryType getCollisionQueryType ( ) const

Get the collision query type.

the query type.
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◆ setCollisionQueryType()

void setCollisionQueryType ( rw::proximity::CollisionDetector::QueryType  qtype)

Set the type of collision query.

The detection can perform faster if it is allowed to return after detecting the first collision. Alternatively, it is possible to detect all collisions if required.

qtype[in] the query type.
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Member Data Documentation

◆ _collisionData

Detailed information about the collision.

This data is only available for some collision query types.
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