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StopCriteria Class Referenceabstract

StopCriteria is a class for specifying an instant a compution should be aborted. More...

#include <StopCriteria.hpp>

Public Types

typedef rw::core::Ptr< StopCriteriaPtr
 smart pointer type to this class

Public Member Functions

bool stop () const
 True is returned when the computation should be stopped.
StopCriteria::Ptr instance () const
 A new instance of the property constructed to match the original initial state of the criteria. More...
virtual ~StopCriteria ()

Static Public Member Functions

static StopCriteria::Ptr stopAfter (double time)
 Stop the computation after time seconds from now. More...
static StopCriteria::Ptr stopNever ()
 Never stop the computation.
static StopCriteria::Ptr stopNow ()
 Immediately stop the computation.
static StopCriteria::Ptr stopByFlag (bool *stop)
 Stop the computation when stop says so. More...
static StopCriteria::Ptr stopByFun (boost::function< bool()> fun)
 Stop the computation when fun says so.
static StopCriteria::Ptr stopCnt (int cnt)
 Stop the computation after cnt calls of the stop criteria.
static StopCriteria::Ptr stopEither (const std::vector< StopCriteria::Ptr > &criteria)
 Stop if either of criteria says stop.
static StopCriteria::Ptr stopEither (const StopCriteria::Ptr &a, const StopCriteria::Ptr &b)
 Stop if either a or b says stop.

Protected Member Functions

 StopCriteria ()
virtual bool doStop () const =0
 Subclass implementation of the stop() method.
virtual StopCriteria::Ptr doInstance () const =0
 Subclass implementation of the instance() method.

Detailed Description

StopCriteria is a class for specifying an instant a compution should be aborted.

The computation determines when to stop by repeatedly polling the StopCriteria::stop() method. Therefore the stop() method should be implemented to have a very short, preferably deterministic running time.

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