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StateConstraint Class Referenceabstract

Interface for the checking for collisions for work cell states. More...

#include <StateConstraint.hpp>

Public Types

typedef rw::core::Ptr< StateConstraintPtr
 smart pointer type to this class
typedef rw::core::Ptr< const StateConstraintCPtr
 smart pointer type to this class

Public Member Functions

virtual void setLog (rw::core::Ptr< rw::core::Log > log)
 Set the log to be used for writing debug info. More...
bool inCollision (const rw::kinematics::State &state) const
 True if the work cell is considered to be in collision for the work cell state state.
virtual ~StateConstraint ()

Static Public Member Functions

static StateConstraint::Ptr make (rw::core::Ptr< rw::proximity::CollisionDetector > detector)
 Map a collision detector to a state constraint.
static StateConstraint::Ptr make (const std::vector< StateConstraint::Ptr > &constraints)
 Combine a set of state constraints into a single state constraint.

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool doInCollision (const rw::kinematics::State &state) const =0
 Subclass implementation of the inCollision() method.
virtual void doSetLog (rw::core::Ptr< rw::core::Log > log)=0
 Set a log. More...
 StateConstraint ()

Detailed Description

Interface for the checking for collisions for work cell states.

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