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QSampler Class Referenceabstract

Interface for the sampling a configuration. More...

#include <QSampler.hpp>

Public Types

typedef rw::core::Ptr< QSamplerPtr
 smart pointer type to this class
typedef rw::core::Ptr< const QSamplerCPtr
 smart pointer type to this const class

Public Member Functions

rw::math::Q sample ()
 Sample a configuration. More...
bool empty () const
 True if the sampler is known to contain no more configurations.
virtual ~QSampler ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QSampler::Ptr makeEmpty ()
 Empty sampler.
static QSampler::Ptr makeFixed (const rw::math::Q &q)
 Sampler that always returns the same configuration. More...
static QSampler::Ptr makeSingle (const rw::math::Q &q)
 Sampler that always returns a single configuration. More...
static QSampler::Ptr makeFinite (const std::vector< rw::math::Q > &qs)
 Sampler for the values of a finite sequence. More...
static QSampler::Ptr makeFinite (QSampler::Ptr sampler, int cnt)
 A sampler to that returns only the first cnt samples from another sampler. More...
static QSampler::Ptr makeUniform (const rw::models::Device::QBox &bounds)
 Uniform random sampling for a box of the configuration space.
static QSampler::Ptr makeUniform (const rw::models::Device &device)
 Uniform random sampling for a device.
static QSampler::Ptr makeUniform (rw::models::Device::CPtr device)
 Uniform random sampling for a device.
static QSampler::Ptr makeNormalized (QSampler::Ptr sampler, const QNormalizer &normalizer)
 Map a sampler of standard configurations into a sampler of normalized configurations.
static QSampler::Ptr make (rw::core::Ptr< QIKSampler > sampler, const rw::math::Transform3D<> &target)
 A sampler of IK solutions for a specific target. More...
static QSampler::Ptr makeConstrained (QSampler::Ptr sampler, rw::core::Ptr< const QConstraint > constraint, int maxAttempts=-1)
 A sampler filtered by a constraint. More...
static QSampler::Ptr makeBoxDirectionSampler (const rw::models::Device::QBox &bounds)
 Sampler of direction vectors for a box shaped configuration space. More...

Protected Member Functions

 QSampler ()
virtual rw::math::Q doSample ()=0
 Subclass implementation of the sample() method.
virtual bool doEmpty () const
 Subclass implementation of the empty() method. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for the sampling a configuration.

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