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Vector< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Vector< T >, including all inherited members.

Base typedefVector< T >
dot(const Vector< A > &a, const Vector< A > &b)Vector< T >related
e() constVector< T >inline
e()Vector< T >inline
empty() constVector< T >inline
getSubPart(size_t start, size_t cnt) constVector< T >inline
norm1() constVector< T >inline
norm2() constVector< T >inline
normInf() constVector< T >inline
operator()(size_t i) constVector< T >inline
operator()(size_t i)Vector< T >inline
operator*(T s) constVector< T >inline
operator*(T s, const Vector &v)Vector< T >friend
operator*=(T s)Vector< T >inline
operator+(const Vector &b) constVector< T >inline
operator+=(const Vector &v)Vector< T >inline
operator-(const Vector &b) constVector< T >inline
operator-() constVector< T >inline
operator-=(const Vector &v)Vector< T >inline
operator/(T s) constVector< T >inline
operator/=(T s)Vector< T >inline
operator<(const Vector &q) constVector< T >inline
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const Vector< A > &v)Vector< T >related
operator==(const Vector< A > &q1, const Vector< A > &q2)Vector< T >related
operator>>(std::istream &in, Vector< A > &q)Vector< T >related
operator[](size_t i) constVector< T >inline
operator[](size_t i)Vector< T >inline
setSubPart(size_t index, const Vector &part)Vector< T >inline
size() constVector< T >inline
Vector(size_t dim)Vector< T >inlineexplicit
Vector()Vector< T >inline
Vector(size_t n, const T *values)Vector< T >inline
Vector(size_t n, T value)Vector< T >inline
Vector(const Eigen::MatrixBase< R > &r)Vector< T >inlineexplicit
zero(int n)Vector< T >inlinestatic