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Rotation2D< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Rotation2D< T >, including all inherited members.

e() constRotation2D< T >inline
EigenMatrix2x2 typedefRotation2D< T >
identity()Rotation2D< T >inlinestatic
inverse(const Rotation2D< T > &aRb)Rotation2D< T >related
operator!=(const Rotation2D< T > &rhs) constRotation2D< T >inline
operator()(size_t row, size_t column)Rotation2D< T >inline
operator()(size_t row, size_t column) constRotation2D< T >inline
operator*(const Rotation2D &bRc) constRotation2D< T >inline
operator*(const rw::math::Vector2D< T > &bVc) constRotation2D< T >inline
operator<<(std::ostream &os, const Rotation2D &r)Rotation2D< T >friend
operator==(const Rotation2D< T > &rhs) constRotation2D< T >inline
read(rw::math::Rotation2D< double > &sobject, rw::common::InputArchive &iarchive, const std::string &id)Rotation2D< T >related
read(rw::math::Rotation2D< float > &sobject, rw::common::InputArchive &iarchive, const std::string &id)Rotation2D< T >related
Rotation2D()Rotation2D< T >inline
Rotation2D(T r11, T r12, T r21, T r22)Rotation2D< T >inline
Rotation2D(const rw::math::Vector2D< T > &i, const rw::math::Vector2D< T > &j)Rotation2D< T >inline
Rotation2D(const T theta)Rotation2D< T >inline
Rotation2D(const rw::math::Vector2D< T > &i)Rotation2D< T >inline
Rotation2D(const EigenMatrix2x2 &m)Rotation2D< T >inlineexplicit
serialize(Archive &archive, rw::math::Rotation2D< T > &R, const unsigned int version)Rotation2D< T >related
value_type typedefRotation2D< T >
write(const rw::math::Rotation2D< double > &sobject, rw::common::OutputArchive &oarchive, const std::string &id)Rotation2D< T >related
write(const rw::math::Rotation2D< float > &sobject, rw::common::OutputArchive &oarchive, const std::string &id)Rotation2D< T >related