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Math Member List

This is the complete list of members for Math, including all inherited members.

abs(const rw::math::Q &v)Mathinlinestatic
abs(const Vector3D< T > &v)Mathinlinestatic
ceilLog2(int n)Mathstatic
clamp(double val, double min, double max)Mathinlinestatic
clamp(const rw::math::Vector3D<> &q, const rw::math::Vector3D<> &min, const rw::math::Vector3D<> &max)Mathinlinestatic
clampQ(const rw::math::Q &q, const rw::math::Q &min, const rw::math::Q &max)Mathstatic
clampQ(const rw::math::Q &q, const std::pair< rw::math::Q, rw::math::Q > &bounds)Mathinlinestatic
eaaToQuaternion(const rw::math::EAA< A > &eaa)Mathinlinestatic
factorial(long long n)Mathinlinestatic
fromStdVector(const std::vector< T > &data, ARR &tmp)Mathinlinestatic
fromStdVectorToMat(const std::vector< T > &data, MAT &tmp, int size1, int size2)Mathinlinestatic
isNaN(double d)Mathstatic
Math()=delete (defined in Math)Math
max(const rw::math::Q &v)Mathinlinestatic
max(const T &a, const T &b)Mathinlinestatic
max(const Vector3D< T > &v)Mathinlinestatic
max(const Vector3D< T > &a, const Vector3D< T > &b)Mathinlinestatic
min(const rw::math::Q &v)Mathinlinestatic
min(const T &a, const T &b)Mathinlinestatic
min(const Vector3D< T > &v)Mathinlinestatic
min(const Vector3D< T > &a, const Vector3D< T > &b)Mathinlinestatic
quaternionToEAA(const rw::math::Quaternion< A > &quat)Mathinlinestatic
ran(double from, double to)Mathstatic
ranDir(size_t dim, double length=1)Mathstatic
ranI(int from, int to)Mathstatic
ranNormalDist(double mean, double sigma)Mathstatic
ranQ(const rw::math::Q &from, const rw::math::Q &to)Mathstatic
ranQ(const std::pair< rw::math::Q, rw::math::Q > &bounds)Mathstatic
ranTransform3D(const double translationLength=1)Mathinlinestatic
ranWeightedDir(size_t dim, const rw::math::Q &weights, double length=1)Mathstatic
round(double d)Mathinlinestatic
seed(unsigned seed)Mathstatic
sign(double s)Mathinlinestatic
sign(const rw::math::Q &q)Mathinlinestatic
skew(const rw::math::Vector3D< R > &s)Mathinlinestatic
sqr(const T &d)Mathinlinestatic
sqr(const rw::math::Q &q)Mathstatic
sqrt(const rw::math::Q &q)Mathstatic
toStdVector(const ARR &tmp, int size)Mathinlinestatic
toStdVector(const MAT &tmp, int size1, int size2)Mathinlinestatic
zyxToRotation3D(A roll, A pitch, A yaw)Mathinlinestatic
~Math()=delete (defined in Math)Math