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CollisionSetupLoader Class Reference

#include <CollisionSetupLoader.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static rw::proximity::CollisionSetup load (const std::string &prefix, const std::string &file)
 Load a collision setup from the file file. More...

Detailed Description

   @brief Loader of collision setups from files.

   [CollisionSetupLoader could just as well simply be a utility function.]

   The XML format is:
              <FramePair first="first_frame" second="second_frame"/>
          <Volatile>frame1 frame2 .. </Volatile>

Member Function Documentation

◆ load()

static rw::proximity::CollisionSetup load ( const std::string &  prefix,
const std::string &  file 

Load a collision setup from the file file.

prefix is prepended to every frame name.

prefix[in] The context in which the setup is loaded.
file[in] The file from which to load the collision setup.
The collision setup.

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