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Render Class Referenceabstract

Abstract base class for all renderable classes. More...

#include <Render.hpp>

Inherited by RenderArrow, RenderCameraFrustum, RenderForceTorque, RenderFrame, RenderGeometry, RenderImage, RenderLines, RenderMatrix, RenderModel3D, RenderPointCloud, RenderScan, RenderSmoothSkin, RenderText, RenderVelocity, TactileArrayRender, RenderContacts, RenderCircles, RenderContacts, RenderGhost, RenderPlanes, RenderPoints, and SimulatorDebugRender.

Public Types

typedef rw::core::Ptr< RenderPtr
 smart pointer type to this class
typedef DrawableNode::DrawType DrawType
 when calling render on the draw mode or type can be specified. See DrawableNode::DrawType

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Render ()
virtual void draw (const DrawableNode::RenderInfo &info, DrawableNode::DrawType type, double alpha) const =0
 draws the object. More...

Protected Member Functions

 Render ()
 Only instances of classes inheriting Render is allowed.

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for all renderable classes.

Classes that are able to render them self, may inherit from this class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ draw()

virtual void draw ( const DrawableNode::RenderInfo info,
DrawableNode::DrawType  type,
double  alpha 
) const
pure virtual

draws the object.

info[in] state and rendering specific info
type[in] the drawtype which is being used
alpha[in] the alpha value to render with

Implemented in RenderPoints, RenderPlanes, RenderGhost, RenderCircles, RenderContacts, TactileArrayRender, RenderVelocity, RenderText, RenderScan, RenderPointCloud, RenderModel3D, RenderMatrix, RenderLines, RenderImage, RenderGeometry, RenderFrame, RenderForceTorque, RenderCameraFrustum, RenderArrow, BtDebugRender, RWDebugRender, RenderContacts, and ODEDebugRender.

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