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PlotGenerator Class Referenceabstract

Interface for for plot generators. More...

#include <PlotGenerator.hpp>

Inherited by MathGLPlotGenerator, and ChartViewGenerator.


class  Factory
 A factory for PlotGenerators. This factory defines an extension point for PlotGenerators ( Typically this is for generation of plots in the form of images. The extensions registered at this extension point must have an extension descriptor with a property called "generator" giving a unique identifier for that particular generator. More...

Public Types

typedef rw::core::Ptr< PlotGeneratorPtr
 Smart pointer type.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~PlotGenerator ()
virtual Plot::Ptr makePlot ()=0
 Create a new Plot. More...

Protected Member Functions

 PlotGenerator ()

Detailed Description

Interface for for plot generators.

Member Function Documentation

◆ makePlot()

virtual Plot::Ptr makePlot ( )
pure virtual

Create a new Plot.

a new plot.

Implemented in ChartViewGenerator, and MathGLPlotGenerator.

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