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Curve Member List

This is the complete list of members for Curve, including all inherited members.

clone() constCurveinline
closestPoints(const rw::math::Vector3D< double > &p) const =0Curvepure virtual
CPtr typedefCurve
discretizeAdaptive(double stepsPerRevolution) const =0Curvepure virtual
equals(rw::core::Ptr< const Curve > curve, double eps) const =0Curvepure virtual
extremums(const rw::math::Vector3D< double > &dir) const =0Curvepure virtual
obr() const =0Curvepure virtual
Ptr typedefCurve
reverse() constCurveinline
scale(double factor) constCurveinline
transform(const rw::math::Transform3D< double > &T) constCurveinline
transform(const rw::math::Vector3D< double > &P) constCurveinline