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LogWriter Class Referenceabstract

Write interface for Logs. More...

#include <LogWriter.hpp>

Inherited by LogBufferedChar, LogBufferedMsg, LogFileWriter, LogMultiWriter, and LogStreamWriter.

Public Types

typedef rw::core::Ptr< LogWriterPtr
 smart pointer type to this class

Public Member Functions

virtual ~LogWriter ()
void flush ()
 Flush method.
void setTabLevel (int tabLevel)
 Set the tab level.
void write (const std::string &str)
 Writes str to the log. More...
void write (const Message &msg)
 Writes msg to the log. More...
void writeln (const std::string &str)
 Writes str as a line. More...
template<class T >
LogWriteroperator<< (T t)
 general stream operator
LogWriteroperator<< (const std::string &str)
 specialized stream operator 2
LogWriteroperator<< (const Message &msg)
 Write Message to log. More...
LogWriteroperator<< (const char *str)
 specialized stream operator
LogWriteroperator<< (std::ostream &(*pf)(std::ostream &))
 Handle the std::endl and other stream functions.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void doWrite (const std::string &message)=0
virtual void doSetTabLevel (int tabLevel)=0
virtual void doFlush ()=0

Detailed Description

Write interface for Logs.

LogWriter provides an output strategy for a log.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator<<()

LogWriter& operator<< ( const Message msg)

Write Message to log.

msg[in] the message.
a reference to this LogWriter for chaining of stream operators.

◆ write() [1/2]

void write ( const Message msg)

Writes msg to the log.

Default behavior is to use write(const std::string&) for the standard streaming representation of msg.

msg[in] message to write

◆ write() [2/2]

void write ( const std::string &  str)

Writes str to the log.

str[in] message to write

◆ writeln()

void writeln ( const std::string &  str)

Writes str as a line.

By default writeln writes str followed by a '\n'. However, logs are free to implement a line change differently.

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