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RWSimulatorPlugin Class Reference

Inherits RobWorkStudioPlugin.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void stateChangedHandler (rws::RobWorkStudioPlugin *sender)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RobWorkStudioPlugin
boost::tuple< QWidget *, QAction *, int > getAction (QWidget *widget, const std::string &actionName)
 Find action in widget with name actionName . More...
boost::tuple< QWidget *, QMenu *, int > getMenu (QWidget *widget, const std::string &menuName)
 Find menu in widget with name menuName . More...
boost::tuple< QMenu *, QAction *, int > getAction (QWidget *widget, const std::string &actionName, const std::string &actionName2)
 Find action, actionName2, in menu, actionName, in a widget. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from RobWorkStudioPlugin
void showPlugin ()
 toggles the visibility of the plugin
- Public Member Functions inherited from RobWorkStudioPlugin
 RobWorkStudioPlugin (const QString &name, const QIcon &icon)
 constructor of the plugin interface More...
virtual QString name () const
 name that describe the plugin instance
virtual void setupMenu (QMenu *menu)
 sets up the menu with this plugin More...
virtual void setupToolBar (QToolBar *toolbar)
 setsup a toolbar with the actions of this plugin More...
virtual void setRobWorkStudio (RobWorkStudio *studio)
 sets the RobWorkStudio instance of the plugin. Normally only done on construction.
virtual RobWorkStudiogetRobWorkStudio ()
 returns a handle to the RobWorkStudio instance
virtual void setRobWorkInstance (rw::core::RobWork::Ptr robwork)
 Sets the RobWork instance to be used by the plugin. More...
virtual rw::core::RobWork::Ptr getRobWorkInstance ()
 Returns RobWork instance used by the plugin.
virtual rw::core::Loglog ()
 returns the RobWorkStudio log instance
virtual void setLog (rw::core::Log::Ptr log)
 Sets the log to use. More...
const rw::kinematics::StategetState ()
 get current state of RobWorkStudio
void setState (const rw::kinematics::State &state)
 set current state of RobWorkStudio
- Protected Attributes inherited from RobWorkStudioPlugin
QAction _showAction
 ! More...
QString _name
 ! More...
 ! More...
rw::core::RobWork::Ptr _robwork
 ! More...
rw::core::Log::Ptr _log
 ! More...

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