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Vector2D.hpp File Reference
#include <rw/common/Serializable.hpp>
#include <Eigen/Core>


class  Vector2D< T >
 A 2D vector \( \mathbf{v}\in \mathbb{R}^2 \). More...


 Deprecated namespace since 16/4-2020 for this class.
 Matrices, vectors, configurations, and more.
 Various utilities and definitions of general use.
 provide generic handler interface for serialization purposes. To enable serialization of some class MyClass one could either inherit from Serializable or provide overloaded methods to


using Vector2Dd = Vector2D< double >
using Vector2Df = Vector2D< float >


template<class T >
cross (const Vector2D< T > &v1, const Vector2D< T > &v2)
 Calculates the 2D vector cross product \( \mathbf{v1} \times \mathbf{v2} \). More...
template<class T >
double dot (const Vector2D< T > &v1, const Vector2D< T > &v2)
 Calculates the dot product \( \mathbf{v1} . \mathbf{v2} \). More...
template<class T >
double angle (const Vector2D< T > &v1, const Vector2D< T > &v2)
 calculates the counter clock-wise angle from v1 to v2. the value returned will be in the interval [-2Pi,2Pi]
template<class T >
const Vector2D< T > normalize (const Vector2D< T > &v)
 Returns the normalized vector \(\mathbf{n}=\frac{\mathbf{v}}{\|\mathbf{v}\|} \). More...
template<class Q , class T >
const Vector2D< Q > cast (const Vector2D< T > &v)
 Casts Vector2D<T> to Vector2D<Q> More...
void write (const rw::math::Vector2D< double > &sobject, rw::common::OutputArchive &oarchive, const std::string &id)
void write (const rw::math::Vector2D< float > &sobject, rw::common::OutputArchive &oarchive, const std::string &id)
void read (rw::math::Vector2D< double > &sobject, rw::common::InputArchive &iarchive, const std::string &id)
void read (rw::math::Vector2D< float > &sobject, rw::common::InputArchive &iarchive, const std::string &id)
template<class Archive , class T >
void serialize (Archive &archive, rw::math::Vector2D< T > &vector, const unsigned int version)
 Boost serialization. More...

Function Documentation

◆ serialize()

void serialize ( Archive &  archive,
rw::math::Vector2D< T > &  vector,
const unsigned int  version 

Boost serialization.

archive[in] the boost archive to read from or write to.
vector[in/out] the vector to read/write.
version[in] class version (currently version 0).