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Transform3DVector.hpp File Reference
#include <rw/core/Ptr.hpp>
#include <rw/math/EAA.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Quaternion.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Rotation3DVector.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Transform3D.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Vector3D.hpp>
#include <Eigen/Core>


class  Transform3DVector< T >
 this class is a interpolatable Transform3D, consisting of a Vecor3D and a Quaternion. It is implemented to be very Interconvertable with a Transform3D, and allow operations souch as Transform * scalar and Transform + Transform. More...


 Deprecated namespace since 16/4-2020 for this class.
 Matrices, vectors, configurations, and more.


using Transform3DVectord = Transform3DVector< double >
using Transform3DVectorf = Transform3DVector< float >