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ProximityStrategy.hpp File Reference
#include <rw/core/ExtensionPoint.hpp>
#include <rw/core/macros.hpp>
#include <rw/kinematics/FrameMap.hpp>
#include <rw/proximity/ProximityModel.hpp>
#include <string>


class  ProximityStrategy
 The ProximityStrategy interface is a clean interface for defining methods that are common for different proximity strategy classes. Specifically adding of geometric models and relating them to frames. More...
class  ProximityStrategy::Factory
 A factory for a ProximityStrategy. This factory also defines an ExtensionPoint. More...


 Deprecated namespace since 16/4-2020 for this class.
 Loading and storing of CAD models.
 Kinematic modelling.
 Workcell and device models.
 Interfaces for collision checking and distance calculation.