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Path.hpp File Reference
#include <rw/core/Ptr.hpp>
#include <rw/kinematics/State.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Q.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Rotation3D.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Transform3D.hpp>
#include <rw/math/Vector3D.hpp>
#include <rw/trajectory/Timed.hpp>
#include <vector>
#include <boost/serialization/serialization.hpp>
#include <boost/serialization/vector.hpp>


class  Path< T >
 This is a std::Vector overloaded with some extra constructor functionality. More...


 Deprecated namespace since 16/4-2020 for this class.
 Trajectory, path, interpolation and blending.


typedef Path< rw::math::QQPath
 Path of rw::math::Q.
typedef Path< rw::math::Vector3D<> > Vector3DPath
 Path of rw::math::Vector3D<>
typedef Path< rw::math::Rotation3D<> > Rotation3DPath
 Path of rw::math::Rotation3D<>
typedef Path< rw::math::Transform3D<> > Transform3DPath
 Path of rw::math::Transform3D<>
typedef Path< rw::kinematics::StateStatePath
 Path of rw::kinematics::State.
typedef Path< TimedQ > TimedQPath
 Path of rw::math::Q with associated times.
typedef Path< TimedState > TimedStatePath
 Path of rw::kinematics::State with associated times.
typedef rw::core::Ptr< Path< TimedState > > TimedStatePathPtr
 A pointer to a Path of rw::kinematics::State with associated times.